3D Artist

Don't Look Away

Don't look away

The challenge of the lightning round was to build a game that was fun (engaging) in the space of a week, for platforms we had not used before, each with their own limitations. My team chose to work on the EyeGaze eye tracker to make a game where the guest plays as an interviewer attempting to have a skype interview while answering a pre-interview questionnaire.

I worked on this project several talented people from the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU. My team consisted of five people including myself: 

  • Brynn Gelerman - Programmer/Designer
  • Jeremy Liu - Programmer
  • Feng Rao - Artist/UX Designer
  • Julian Korzeniowsky - Voice over/ Scriptwriter/ Questionnaire designer

I worked as the second artist on the team. I worked on some of the animation, and the interviewer's office space.

The art style was set by my teammate Feng Rao. He suggested that we use a flat style as it would make the artwork simpler and would allow us to achieve our goal of creating a 2D game with enough sprites for smooth animations in just under a week.

Interviewer's Office

Office with interviewer in it. Every part of the office was created on a different layer to make occlusion possible during animation

While I worked on creating the office space for the interviewer to make the Skype call more believable, Feng designed the Interviewer character and the UI for the game.

In order to make the scene believable, there was a need for there to be occlusion of the some parts of the character by the environment. Because of this, every object in the scene was created on a different layer. This also allowed me to reposition the objects in the scene as I iterated through the design.

After creating the office space, I went to work on animating the sprites that would be used in the game. I worked on speech animation and the animation where the character looks down at the laptop. 

After the success of our game, it was picked to feature in the ETC Fall Festival, where the school showcases some of the work done by students to invited guests. 

Finally, here is a video of a playthrough by Julian, who wrote the script and voiced the character.