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Oh Crab

Oh Crab!

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Oh Crab is a game developed in Unity and configured to run on both OSX and Windows, using a pair of controllers. The game developed over the 48 hour period during the 2017 Pittsburgh Global Game Jam is a 2 player game where the players compete to collect treasure on a beach. The game is timed and the main obstacle threat is the ocean's waves that break on the shore. The players need to hide in caves to avoid the waves, which would wash away half of their loot if they get caught in it.

My teammates for this project were:

I worked as one of the 3D modelers for the game art assets. FIrst I drew a quick sketch of the crab in order to get a sense of the form so I could better know what to do when I started modeling it in Maya. 

I modeled the shell and legs of the crab before handing the model over to Prasanth to finish up the model and rig and animate it. I had to do this in order to have enough time to work on the other assets that were needed in the game.

As the next thing I worked on, I designed the caves that would be used in the game. I used some reference images of rock formations on the beach for inspiration, although the final designs for the caves are entirely mine.

Next, I modeled and textured the caves. Even though I did not have enough time to properly unwrap the UVs for the models, the distortions were minimal and not noticeable in game.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 2.09.10 PM.png

In the coming months, my team and I intend to polish the game and and a feature or two. However, feel free to download and play the game from this link. Just make sure to have 2 controllers connected to play the game!