3D Artist

Studio Duat

Your Final Journey


Your Final Journey is an immersive experience that takes viewers through the realms of the ancient Egyptian afterlife, the Duat. This experience can be viewed in Oculus VR and in CAVE.

As a member of Studio Duat, I worked as an environment modeler on a team of seven. My responsibilities included environment layout design and 3D modeling. I worked closely with our Art Director and Texture Artist to ensure we had a cohesive vision of what our experience should be like.

The story for this experience is based on the Egyptian land of the dead myth, where a pharaoh's son takes his father through the realm of the dead, in order to show him that in death everyone is equal when they arrive at the final judgement. Our version has the guest ride through the land of the dead in a boat, until they arrive at the judgement chamber, where Anubis awaits to weight their hearts against the feather of truth.

In total, our experience has 4 scenes. Each scene takes place in a different environment, with voice-overs telling the guest something about that scene and how it factors into the mythology.



On this project, layouts were especially important because we had to ensure that our viewer would pay attention to the important elements in the scene at the right moments. 


The Tomb

In our story, two characters get judged before the guest does. This is our way of trying to establish precedence for how one is judged good or bad. We didn't want to confuse our guests by introducing them at the end, so we first introduced them in the opening scene.

The tomb was the opening scene we used to "on-board"  our guests into the experience. We wanted to ensure that they knew they were dead. However, as mentioned before, we also need to introduce our supporting cast. After many iterations, we found that it would be least confusing to have 3 dioramas to represent 3 different burial settings for the each character(guest included). 

After Sharon, the art director, laid out the environment and lighting for the scene, I was tasked with finding suitable references, modeling and flushing out the scene. I worked closely with Tai, our texture artist, to ensure that the references I gathered had materials that would be feasible for him to make within our time frame, and adequately communicated the story properly.

I created several high-res models for the scene and dressed the sets for both our CAVE and VR versions. Initially, our plan was to have the characters rise out of their sarcophagi, so I modeled the interior of all of them, however, due to time constraints, we were unable do this, so the lids of the sarcophagi were propositioned off to the side in order to show this attention to detail.


Land of Night

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